L’Errore Non Esiste​

Press release


Error Does Not Exist – Street Art Inspired by the Barcelona artist Mariano Pietrini at ITETEFermi

Barcellona PG, September 12, 2023 – The “A Rocca” Artistic and Cultural Association, in collaboration with the E. Fermi Technical, Economic and Technological Institute, is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of an extraordinary event that seamlessly blended art, history, and environmental awareness. The inauguration of a street art piece inside the school building, inspired by the work of Mariano Pietrini, marked a significant milestone. This initiative was conceived as part of the Erasmus+ project “Green Change” (pr. n° 2021-2-ES02-KA210-YOU-000047987), a collaborative effort involving the A Rocca Association, alongside partners REACTVLC (Spain) and Ecocenter Alapítvány (Hungary), with the overarching goal of fostering awareness among young people and the school community regarding environmental and sustainability issues through artistic expression.

Renowned street artist NessuNettuno lent his talent and dedication to create a vibrant and engaging school environment. The primary objective was to utilize art as a medium for conveying positive messages about environmental protection and the significance of beauty education, drawing inspiration from the works and themes of artist Mariano Pietrini.

What made this event particularly special was the inclusion of a work by Mariano Pietrini at the center of the street art piece. This sculpture, entrusted by the Pietrini family, now permanently displayed at the Fermi Institute, provided a unique opportunity to enhance the educational environment and stimulate the creativity of students.

Subsequent to the inauguration of the art space, an engaging debate was held on the topic of climate change and environmental problems.

The school community of the “Enrico Fermi” Technical Institute warmly welcomed the proposal from the “A Rocca” association. Principal Antonietta Amoroso expressed, “We are honored that the Association and the Pietrini family chose our Institute for this initiative, aligning perfectly with our educational vision. The values of beauty, creativity, and knowledge, along with the artistic-cultural heritage of our territory, form the foundation of all teaching activities across our institute. We also share the European perspective encompassed by the street art work within the Erasmus project. For us, this project is an indispensable training resource, allowing our students to engage in cultural exchanges, mobility abroad, and various project activities that highlight the importance of culture and languages in a context inspired by respect, friendship, and peace.

We are particularly honored that the sculpture by Mariano Pietrini now graces our headquarters on Via Pitagora. Anyone passing through that entrance will have the pleasure of enjoying the beauty and emotions delivered by a work conceived and created by the Barcelona artist, who was also a mathematics teacher at the “Fermi” for many years. He is still remembered by everyone and by me personally for his empathetic closeness to young people and his openness to innovation and creative research.”

The event was open to all, and Nino Pietrini, President of the Ass. A Rocca”, expressed, “We believe that artistic-cultural initiatives of this kind will contribute significantly to enriching the school environment while simultaneously educating about beauty.”

Special thanks were extended to the De Gaetano company for their support in providing the scaffolding and building the base for the sculpture.

Event Details:

Date: September 12, 2023

Time: 8.30 am opening / 5.00 pm presentation of the work

Speakers: the artist NessuNettuno, the school director Antonietta Amoroso, the Project Manager Nino Pietrini, the writer Graziella Lo Vano

Location: ITETEFermi, Via Pitagora, 42 – 98051 Barcellona PG